Submarine Dash – 액션게임, 아케이드 #게임, #폰게임, #HTML5게임, #Game, #Web game

Take your seat in your own submarine and swim through a beautiful underwater world in this all new and mega fun endless game with many cool features! Enjoy intuitive submarine controls by lifting your finger to sink down and touching the display to let it rise up again. Along your exciting adventure try to collect as many coins and fun power-ups as possible to buy powerful upgrades! Your ultimate goal is to transform your basic submarine into a high tech one! This fun and exciting game is all about speed and your hand eye skill. Get ready to explore the ocean, but be aware of enemy rockets, dangerous rocks and other obstacles! 원문보기
2019/02/28 16:10

Uploaded By @Hoyatag Games

시력게임 :: 눈이 건강해지는 앱 [아이앱]